AJB DOC Film Festival AJD

The second AJD Industry Kicks Off with Captivating Pitches and Heartfelt Stories

The first part of the day presented the Main Pitch selection, which was marked with a strong sense of nostalgia, longing, and empathy.

During the first phase of the event, the jury had the opportunity to learn more about the following projects: "Jana" (Mohammad Reza Azadi), "The Srebrenica Tape" (Chiara Sambuchi), "Finding the Way Home" (Zakaria Mohammed Ali), and "December" (Grzegorz Paprzycki).

The project "Jana" led the group of eight pitches, and the producer Maaria Sayed said it was an honor, but also a big challenge to start off this event.

“I'm very impressed with the platform, the atmosphere is cozy and intimate, which makes the pitching process much easier and better. Even though I’m here primarily to search for coproducers and funds to continue developing the movie "Jana," I'm very much enjoying the opportunity to converse and share ideas with other film professionals,” said Sayed.

One of the projects that drew a lot of attention is "The Srebrenica Tape," which was presented by the Berlin-based producer Antje Boehmert. The project presents a four-hour VHS tape that was filmed in Srebrenica from 1993-1995.

“The atmosphere of the event is very warm, which is great because it helped me feel even more confident while pitching this project. Our documentary tells a family story which spans through many continents, countries, and generations,” said Boehmert, underlining that she's happy with how the pitch went and that she's looking forward to the award ceremony on Monday.

The second part was equally remarkable, featuring the following projects on stage: "Solo" (Amine Boukhris), "Con 24000 Baci" (Alessio Bozzer, Ivana Marinić Kragić), "A Butterfly Hug" (Sally Abobasha), and "The Rabbis' Intifada" (Heather "Chana" Tenzer).

The author of "The Rabbis' Intifada," Heather “Chana“ Tenzer, presented a project that talks about her following four rabbis from New York & Jerusalem as they speak out in cities around the world in support of the Palestinian liberation.

“Through the stories of these rabbis, I tell the story of how I found healing and understanding. I'm challenged to rethink the myths and stories that I was taught while growing up. This is a very difficult topic to make a film about because there are so many myths that are taught. The whole documentary is very challenging, but I'm very grateful for the opportunity to present it here, as it will help me develop it even further,” said Tenzer after her pitch.

Our participants made the most of their time on stage, delivering exceptional pitches that left a lasting impression on the decision-makers.

“This is the second time I'm attending the AJD Industry Days event, and I have to say, last year’s event was fantasic,  but this one is even better! The atmosphere is great, and the pitches are outstanding. It's wonderful to see that this year we gathered even more decision-makers than in 2022, which means the event's growth, and an increased chance for projects to be selected for awards or coproduction,” said Industry Days moderator Rudy Buttignol.

Amid Buttignol's exceptional moderation and the insightful advice and suggestions provided by the decision-makers, it's safe to say that the authors and producers left the stage brimming with inspiration. The day concluded with insightful conversations held during the Roundtable sessions.

On the second day of the Industry Days, additional eight projects will be presented in the Work in Progress selection, along with two more Roundtable sessions scheduled for the latter part of the day.