Extended Deadline for Project Submission – Al Jazeera Documentary Industry Days @ AJB DOC
Extended Deadline for Project…
Submit your projects until 15th of June 2023 and participate in the second edition of Al Jazeera Documentary (AJD) Industry Days @ AJB DOC that will take place from 9th to 11th September 2023, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Call for Projects – Al Jazeera Documentary Industry Days @ AJB DOC
Call for Projects – Al Jazeera…
Submit your projects until 31st May 2023 and participate in the second edition of Al Jazeera Documentary (AJD) Industry Days @ AJB DOC that will take place from 9th to 11th September 2023, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Al Jazeera hosts event matching filmmakers with key players
Al Jazeera hosts event matching…
AJ Documentary Industry Days aims to bring stories from regions that are often underreported, its founder says.
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Pitching Categories
The Main pitch

9 Sept

Main Pitch is a platform aimed at independent filmmakers and production companies developing and raising finances for their documentaries. This pitch will focus on networking and support for filmmakers. Finalists will be mentored/guided by professional tutors to enhance their presentations prior to the pitch day.

Ten projects will be carefully selected by the selection committee and will take part in the Main Pitch. Producers and filmmakers will use this platform as an opportunity to secure funding for their productions, as well as support for possible overseas broadcasting, distributions, festival screenings and sales.

Project proposals should refer to documentaries covering topics on various issues facing SEE, MENA, the Caucasus and the world: People's diverse ways of life, social and human, investigative, current affair, history, arts, culture and sport. Proposed projects should be in their early development stages.

Balkan stars

10 Sept

This is an international and regional co-production platform aiming to highlight Al Jazeera Balkans & Al Jazeera Documentary Channels and subsequent international development. Balkan Stars pitch should reflect on the diverse world of Balkans today. In the shadow of Balkan development, there are various realities such as social gaps or loss of identity. We are looking for stories of humanity, where individuals or groups attempt to challenge these problems and barriers. We are looking for documentarists, filmmakers, journalists and media professionals with expertise on the aforementioned topics that can offer us a deeper insight into Balkan life as it currently is.

In the final production for these projects, the duration of the films should be 27 or 52 minutes. In the end, each project from this pitch could be selected for broadcast on AJB or AJD. Should that be the case, a certain share of production costs will be guaranteed by these Channels.

Work in Progress

11 Sept

Work in Progress is an international co-production platform aiming for projects/films to be broadcast on Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, possibilities for broadcasting on other Al Jazeera channels, international broadcasters and partners. Work in Progress projects will be selected according to their stages of production and further needs in terms of creative and financial support.

These projects should reflect the diverse world of SEE, MENA and the Caucasus today. Producers will have up to 15 minutes to present each project, including excerpts from the film, budget and finance plan, followed by panel discussion and Q&A. We will assist each project in setting up one-to-one meetings with decision makers. This will offer filmmakers and producers the possibility to take their projects further, find financing, possible broadcasters and additional networking.

The Al Jazeera Documentary Channel contribution will be in the form of co-production, and the selected projects should focus on quality of production and individual story telling. Proposed projects should be in the post-production stage.

Rules and regulations
Key dates in 2023
1 March
Project Submission open call
31 May
Project Submission close
30 June
Extended deadline
1 July
Selection of projects
Pitch training for selected projects
9-11 September
Industry days