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Al Jazeera Documentary Channel is announcing the second edition of “Al Jazeera Documentary Industry Days @ AJB DOC” on September 9 – 11, 2023, which aims to empower and support the global expansion of documentary production. The first edition was launched in 2022 during the 5th Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival (AJB DOC). 

This year, the AJD Industry Days @AJB DOC offers significant co-production prizes that amount to $70,000, as well as the opportunity to receive partner cash awards in total of nearly $20,000 and other valuable in-kind rewards.

In a statement, Ahmed Mahfouz Nouh, Managing Director of Aljazeera Documentary Channel, emphasized the importance of this initiative to all filmmakers in the MENA region. He said: “the initiative will not only support aspiring documentary filmmakers within the Arab world, it will also give them the opportunity to connect and network with decision-makers and leading professionals from around the world, which will reflect on the quality of documentary films in the region”. 

Commenting on the initiative, Adel Ksiksi, Head of Industry Days, stated: “This year's initiative promises to be a dynamic gathering of filmmakers, producers, investors, and enthusiasts. We received 177 project entries from 52 countries from MENA, Southeastern Europe, and Caucasus regions, and have shortlisted 22 finalists with compelling projects”. 

Ksiksi further added: “the selection committee comprises of decision makers, inclusive of industry experts, broadcasters, funders, and distribution companies from around the world. They work to evaluate projects, provide valuable feedback, and select projects that demonstrate outstanding creativity and potential for impact. Winning projects will have a chance to secure funding, distribution options, and co-production partnerships that can bring their visions to life on screens across the globe.” 

The following projects have been shortlisted for AJD Industry Days @AJB DOC 2023:

Main Pitch

It is a platform intended for independent filmmakers and production companies with projects in early stage of development. This will be an opportunity to secure funding for their productions and ensure support for overseas broadcasting, distribution and screening. 

Jana - Mohammad Reza Azadi (Pakistan/ Iran) 

The Srebrenica Tape - Chiara Sambuchi (Germany)

Finding the Way Home - Zakaria Mohamed Ali (UK)

December - Grzegorz Paprzycki (Poland)

Solo - Amine Boukhris (Tunisia)

Con 24000 baci - Alessio Bozzer / Ivana Marinić Kragić (Croatia)

A Butterfly Hug - Sally Abobasha (Egypt/ Sudan)

The Rabbis’ Intifada - Heather “Chana” Tenzer (USA)

Work in Progress

It is an international co-production platform aiming for projects and films to be broadcast on the Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, with possibilities for broadcasting on other Al Jazeera channels, international broadcasters, and partner platforms.

My Mother & I - Dilpak Majeed (Iraq/ Egypt)

Bitter Sugar - Ana Barjadze (Georgia)

Green Line – The Cat-Child - Sylvie Ballyot/ Fida Bizri (France)

Moscow Nights - Irina Maldea/ Brendan Culleton (Ireland/ Romania)

Until the Buzzing Stops - Abd al-Kader Habak (UK/ Lebanon)

My Mother the State - Ieva Ozolina (Latvia)

Life is Beautiful - Mohamed Jabaly (Palestine/ Norway)

Dakar Sistaz - Jan Těšitel, Zuzana Kučerová (Czech Republic)

Balkan Stars

An international and regional co-production platform aiming to highlight the work of Al Jazeera Balkans and Al Jazeera Documentary Channels and subsequent international developments of relevant projects. Balkan Stars pitch is a reflection of the diverse world of Balkans today. 

The Partisan Necropolis - Chris Leslie (UK)

I Don't Want To - Hanis Bagashov (North Macedonia)

Rear Admiral - Mladen Ivanović (Croatia/ Montenegro)

Another Film About the War, Father & Home - Damir Markovina (Croatia)

Cordon - Anton Mezulić (Croatia)

I'm Sorry I Didn't Die - Ana Lalić, Aleksandar Reljić (Serbia)

The first edition of AJD Industry Days @AJB DOC shortlisted more than 20 projects that were competing for the co-production prizes that amount to more than $60,000 in the three pitching categories, provided by Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Al Jazeera Balkans, as well as several other financial and non-financial partner awards.